Embryo Transfers

After flushing, the 7 day old embryo's should preferably be transferred into recipients within 8 hours. The conception rate of embryo’s transferred warm/fresh is on average 10-20% higher than that of frozen embryo’s.

This means it is ideal to prepare recipients every time you flush.

Recipients are synchronised to be within the range of 6 - 8 days past standing heat.

Before transferring an embryo, the ovaries are palpated and assessed for a functional corpus luteum (CL).

A CL develops after a successful ovulation on one of the ovaries. A CL is an essential hormone (progesterone) secreting structure necessary for maintaining a pregnancy.

The bigger the CL, the more progesterone, the better the chance for a successful pregnancy.

The embryo's are loaded into a .25ml straw and placed into a long embryo transfer pistolet. The embryo is carefully transferred into the uterine horn ipsilateral to (on the same side as) the corpus luteum.

Embryo Placement

in right uterine Horn


Corpus Luteum

on right ovary

Left Uterine Horn